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Client Testimonials


I was in a bad bike/SUV collision and was recommended to be in touch with Adam B. Katzen immediately following. Having never so much as broken a bone, I had no idea what I was in for with my medical bills, but Mr. Katzen was incredibly encouraging and communicative, and he guided me through the entire process with an acute attention to detail, promptness and consideration. Although the accident was quite traumatic, I felt like I really had a strong supporter in Mr. Katzen. He was able to win our case, and I was more than happy with the outcome. I am grateful to him for his representation, his professionalism, but more than anything for his compassion during what was a trying event in my life. Thank you for doing an excellent job!

- Amanda J. 


My wife and I retained Mr. Katzen to represent us in a dispute we were having with a contractor regarding the condition of countertops he installed at our new house. Mr. Katzen immediately notified the contractor that should he not comply with all our demands, he would be filing suit seeking all legal remedies available. Thanks to the swift action by Mr. Katzen, the contractor eventually refunded us the full amount we were requesting. Should we find ourselves in need of legal assistance in the future, we will not hesitate to contact Mr. Katzen and his office

- Martin G. 


I hired Mr. Katzen after I contracted Norovirus from food I ate at a local restaurant. I had originally planned on attempting to resolve this issue myself, but the insurance company was ignoring my calls and didn't appear to take my claim seriously. Upon retaining Mr. Katzen, he immediately put the pressure on the insurance company and when the response to his requests were not fast enough, he filed a lawsuit on my behalf. Shortly after, we received an initial settlement offer that Mr. Katzen did not deem reasonable. After continuous negotiations, Mr. Katzen was able to obtain a terrific settlement offer. I was extremely happy with both the hard work Mr. Katzen put into my case, but also his constant communication so I was a part of the process every step of the way. 


- K.B.


I hired Mr. Katzen to represent me in a dispute I was having with a former employee who purchased a portion of my business from me. After the former employee refused to honor the contract and stopped making his monthly payments, Mr. Katzen immediately filed a lawsuit on my behalf and on the eve of trial we were able to reach a settlement agreement. I appreciated Mr. Katzen's aggressiveness and willingness to do whatever it takes to resolve my dispute. I highly recommend hiring his office!


- K.M. 

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